Helen, GA

Visit to the little German town

After my road trip to GA, we decided to drive to Helen, GA. Before heading to georgia we heard many things about this tiny town, it was literally so cute and had so many photo opportunities.

Funny story after arriving in helen we took a walk to the Georgia mountain coaster, after getting on the ride my younger cousin took her phone out to take videos for instagram and then placed it in her jean jacket… LMAO. After getting down she realized her phone had fallen out of her pocket throughout the ride.

We then told the front desk workers and they proceeded to look for it, after hours of looking for he phone, there was no sign of it anywhere. We gave up and went to have dinner at “Pauls margarita deck” i have to admit Miami food definitely doesn’t compare to the upper states lol…

Other than that my trip to Helen, GA was very memorable and fun. It is such a beautiful and historic town, a must visit from me!

Broke in my Doc Martens after a lot of walking and pain