Mystic Falls

Visit to mystic falls + GUIDE

Nov 6, 2020

If you’re a vampire diaries fan, you’re in the right place! back in October i took an impulsive decision and booked a flight from Miami, FL to Atlanta, GA. Since i was getting surgery that following Monday, i was only able to stay for one day. That weekend i tried visiting the most basic places in Covington, after almost 2 hours of traffic from Atlanta to Covington, i was able to visit mystic grill and walk to Elena and Carolines house, i was also able to visit the lockwood mansion which is right in the corner of their houses.

After booking a flight to Chicago, IL for my birthday weekend and having to cancel it after a surge of COVID cases in Florida began, i decided to take an 11 hour road trip to GA with my parents and spend my birthday weekend in Covington.

Places to eat

  • mystic grill (lunch/ dinner)
  • spoons (dessert)
  • bread and butter bakery (breakfast)

Iconic places to visit

  • lockwood mansion (2121 East St SE Covington, GA 30014)
  • salvatore boarding school (5520 Kent Rock Rd Loganville, GA 30052)
  • mystic grill (1116 Clark St SW Covington, GA 30014)
  • the alley (right under mystic grill)
  • vampire stalkers tours (1102 Monticello St SW Covington, GA 30014)
  • Elenas house (2104 Floyd St NE Covington, GA 30014)
  • Carolines house (2118 Floyd St NE Covington, GA 30014)
  • twelve oaks bed and breakfast (2176 Monticello St SW Covington, GA 30014)

Some photos i took

Blood bags from vampire stalkers
Salvatore boarding school
Mystic grill rooftop
Twelve oaks bed + breakfast