roadtrip to canada

Crossing the peace bridge + U.S. border

August 16th, 2019

As i get an urge for adventure, we decide to hit the rode all the way to Toronto, Canda! all across the boarders and to another country. I can say this has been the best and most impulsive decision my parents and i have ever taken. To this day the most memorable trip of my life, worth the 22 hours from Miami, FL in car.

This is the route we took to get to Canada

Our many stops

Since this was a 22 hour road trip, we decided to drive all the way to Washington, DC and spend the night there. From Miami to Washington its about a 15-16 hour drive with many stops. This trip was very adventurous and memorable for the many reasons that we were able to stop in every state leading to Canada, and adventure through them.

We stopped on and spent the night in DC, and weren’t able to visit any places since it was too late. On our way back to Miami, we also stopped in Washington in order to visit the White house, and memorials. We also walked around the streets of DC, and took a 1 hour uber to benihana. The day after we visited Joes seafood prime steak and it was delicious. DEF a 10/10 when in DC.

We stayed at the hilton viagra falls hotel & suites, the hotel had a great view of the falls and also gave us an amazing view of the firework show at night. While we were in viagra falls we visited Clifton hill street, it is a downtown full of attractions and restaurants that you can walk by and eat.

CN tower, toronto
Downtown, Toronto